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        release time:2016-09-06



        Technical parameters


        Capacity of PET bottle: 800ml

        Rated water capacity of PET bottle: 530-640ml

        Max pressure: 75kgs

        Working pressure: 18kgs 

        CO2 cylinder: 500pa,0.6L,0.65kgs Aluminum

        ?  PET bottle apply to LFGB requirement
        Easy and fast for ready, Turn plain water to fresh 

          sparkling water or soda water in seconds in safety way
        ?  Good for health, especially for indigestion and constipation
        ?  Economy, no electricity and CO2 cylinder is recycling use

            which could be recharged for many times

        ?  Eco-friendly, no battery use

        ?  Make own tasty flavor sodas, lemonade, 

            cocktails by syrups or fresh fruits in healthy way

        ?  Ideal for home, party, restaurants and kitchen use

        Cixi Hongbang Electric Appliances co., Ltd.