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      2. A lot of people will be functional drinks when the water to drink it right?


        We all know that water is an important nutrient to maintain normal physiological activities of the human body, in addition, the water also has the dissolution and absorption of various nutrients and metabolic waste, to participate in a variety of discharge body temperature regulation, reduce the fatigue accumulated in the muscle of hormone (lactic acid) and other important role. Generally speaking, primary and secondary school students should drink 1.5 to 2 liters of water every day, and adults generally need about 2.5 liters of water a day. A lot of people will be functional drinks is equivalent to drinking water, in their view, drink functional beverages on the "equal" to drink water, and even "better than" to drink water. This is not the case.
        Functional beverages in the addition of vitamins, glucose, minerals, electrolytes, amino acids and other substances, and some even contain caffeine, taurine and other ingredients. These components are more suitable for large physical loss of specific populations and adults. Different functional drinks contain different ingredients, there are different responses to the human body, if the functional drinks as water to drink will inevitably appear a variety of problems, and even is not conducive to good health.
        First, at the stage of development of children, exercise less, a large number of drinking may appear excessive supplement of nutrients, increase the burden of the gastrointestinal tract may even cause digestive function disorder, and thus affect the nutrient uptake and utilization. Excessive drinking may also be more than children's digestive system and kidney, liver and nervous system capacity and is not conducive to physical development, may lead to obesity, diarrhea, nutritional imbalance and other health problems.
        Second, functional drinks because of different ingredients will have different effects on the human body. People with certain diseases may cause a variety of problems if they are used instead of water to drink. For example, sports drinks with balance in patients with hypertension, diabetic patients unfit for drinking more sugary drinks. If inadvertently excessive drinking may aggravate the condition, is not conducive to physical rehabilitation and even endanger life.
        Third, long-term consumption of caffeine containing functional beverages, may cause excessive caloric intake, stimulate blood lipids rise, may lead to accelerated heart rate, increase blood vessel burden. At the same time, excessive consumption of caffeine containing functional beverages will lead to excessive urination.
        Fourth, a lot of functional beverage added essence, pigment and antiseptic substances and harmful to human body, a large number of drinking is not conducive to human health. Studies have shown that a large number of drinking functional beverages, may have a certain effect on the brain development of children.
        Therefore, in the selection of functional beverages, should carefully read the composition of the beverage specification, according to their own characteristics to choose the appropriate functional drinks. For health, not too much physical exertion, do not need to add extra energy for people, functional beverages in addition to thirst, not much actual effect, from the economic point of view is a waste.
        Bubble water can remove food residue in the mouth taste and greasy feeling, in Europe and the United States is a kind of drink is quite popular, especially after satiate meal a cup of bubble water that CICI taste fascinating. But the commercially available carbonated drinks have high calorie, high sodium and other shortcomings, even if it is pure water bubbles are also quite expensive (commercially pure gas water even more than Coca Cola carbonated drinks these more expensive), without the burden of health to enjoy the benefits brought by the feeling in the mouth and water bubbles, he raised a bubble water machine is a good choice.
        Healthy homemade fruit soda health drinks, children love to drink, choose more delicious! 99% of the children love to drink carbonated beverages, after end production of soda water, fruit juice can be blended, health drinks produced without additives, meet the children love to drink carbonated drinks the love number, and can guarantee the health of children!

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